Terms & Conditions

  • All vehicles are fully insured with standard motor vehicle policy. However the hirer is responsible for excess not exceeding MYR2,000 (CC 1.5 Above), MYR3,000 (CC 2.5 ),
  • All insurance and excess protection do not apply for damage or lost due to careless action, negligence, illegal or improper use of the vehicle. The insurance and excess protection also not cover for tyre punctures, burst tyres, fuel errors, battery damage because of forgotten turned off electrical devices and loss or damage to the vehicle accessories.
  • The accident or damage only applies for collision between two moving objects. Any damage while the vehicle is stationary will be under hirer’s full responsibility and subjected to the above excess and excess protection.
  • For damage which involves a third party, the hirer is required to get information from the third party driver which include the driver’s name, IC/Passport, driving licence and vehicle registration number. If the claim cannot be made against third party insurance, all damage will be under hirer’s responsibility and subjected to the above excess or excess protection.
  • The hirer is reminded that underbody and overhead damage is at their own risk at all time. All insurance and excess protection is void if the vehicle is driven on unsealed and unmade road or surface.
  • The hirer is required to contact our representatives to inform us for any event of accidents or car theft.
  • A police report should be made within 24 hours after the accidents or from the time you’ve found out the theft or loss. The police report should be obtained in writing. 

Security deposit (refundable) is RM150 for each vehicle. This money will be collected on the pickup day by our staffs. The money will be returned when customers return the vehicle.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the car. Penalty MYR100 will be charged for cleaning any unpleasant odour.
  • All traffic/parking summons (if any) will be under hirer responsibility.
  • Speed limit for highway in Kuching is 110 KM/hr, while normal road is 90 KM/hr. Please drive carefully and obey traffic rules.
  • Please inform us if you want to return or extend the rental.
  • All cancellation must be notified 7 Days before the pick-up date.
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