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Van Rental In Kuching Sarawak

Van Rental In Kuching Sarawak, Van Rental Kuching, our expertise in providing 5-Star Van Rental services in Kuching with affordable prices. We also provide rental for School Bus, Tour Bus and Coaster (With Driver Only). The price of this bus rental depends on your tentative program, to get a quote you can contact us.

Van Service In Kuching Sarawak, our service Van Rental In Kuching Sarawak, we includes Van Rental with self-drive and also with driver. All of our driver are trained to be efficient and good caretakers with customers. Our driver has experience in the field of Tour also the twists and turns of the road in Sarawak.

Van Rental in Kuching Sarawak , Van Rental in Kuching Sarawak

Our drivers will not only drive you where you want to go, also will take care to ensure you are comfortable and safe throughout your journey.

If you are looking for Van Rental In Kuching Sarawak with a driver, you can contact our teams.

11 Seaters With Driver

Group vacation are the best if just seat in one vehicle. Therefore, our company provide a van for rent. This will cost only RM450 per day. On top of that, for your convinience, we provide a driver that will work for 12 hours per day. If its exceed 12 hours, payment consideration are only between driver and passenger.

Our team are borderless. If you have a program or direction outside the Kuching area, you may contact our teams for futher information.

Due to high demand, early reservations are recommended for our exceptional van service. Contact our team for a quote on destinations outside the Kuching area. 

We will assure you the best service throughout your trip in Kuching, Sarawak.

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Common Questions For Tour Van Rental

Our 1-day Tour Van Rental is RM450, which includes the driver and fuel. In Kuching, there are no toll fees. Contact us for discounted rates on multi-day bookings and secure your transportation needs today.

The van can comfortably accommodate for 11 people including the driver.

For a van with a driver, the driver will bring the van back.

Each van allows a maximum of 6-10 pieces of luggage, considering medium-sized bags, and the exact number may vary based on the number of passengers.

Our drivers are proficient in at least basic English, as well as either Malay. They are very familiar with servicing visitors from all over the world.

Yes, you can change your booking date and time by contacting us via call or WhatsApp, so we can arrange accordingly.

Please let us or the driver know at least 24 hours before the rental ends to get approval for an extension.